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Todays Youth:


Times have changed, and being a youth in todays time has it's challenges. Many youth are living lives pressured by peers, the media and so much more. What are we to do?

Well, we have available to today's teens, resources, youth groups and tools to help them live a saved, sanctified life full of fun and excitement while living a moral life!

Agape 360 is the name of our youth ministry for grades 9-12. We believe that Agape 360 can cause teens to make a 360 degree turn around in their lives. Agape 360 encourages teens to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to translate their faith into appropriate attitudes and actions. It is our goal to help youth discover their unique set of spiritual gifts; show them how to witness and minister to friends and family. Wednesday Night Bible Study provides an opportunity for the teens to come together for prayer, study the Word, find encouragement, and provide accountability and spiritual growth.

Then on Sunday’s Come be a part of a service designed just for all the Agape 360 Youth Ministries: Live D.J., powerful drama presentations; relevant discussions and sessions just for you, along with a Teen Help Crew (a group of your peers who can help you through the challenges of life)!


2350 East Mayfield Road

Arlington, TX 76014


Sunday 9-10:30AM Tuesday at 7:15PM and Sunday @ 10:45AM.

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