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Dr. Renee,

I am so proud of you and your academic, pastoral, motherhood, and undefeated determination to move on up the King's Highway. As I have watched you over the years I have observed the godly people you have around you, the success of your children, your gracious hospitality, your humility and your heart for God. Congratulations on your sealing your destiny with your new church name and the instillation. Continue in the fight for right. Preach the Word. Love God's people! Your beauty is not only skin deep, it is deep in your heart. Thank God, He uses that heart of beauty to help redeem the loss and comfort those who mourn.

Love you darling!! Praying for your continued blessed leadership at Destiny Pointe Christian Center.

Dr. Thelma Wells (Mama T), CEO, That A Girl & Friends Speaker's Agency and A Woman of God Ministry

You are talent to the world and we need to hear what you say. You are a mouthpiece to minister to the hurting & a motivator to those desiring to go to the next level. Thanks & I know the members will be blessed & will follow you!!

LaVerne Adekunle

Within these last seven years of knowing you, what an exceptional gift you’ve been to our family. We thank you for your initial belief in our ministry in its infancy stage, Eternally Yes International Ministries; and ordaining us as Covenant Pastors in 2001. The ministry knowledge obtained from your tutelage is absolutely priceless. Furthermore, we are so grateful for your endless support of Cookin’ For The STARS. Thank you for the many opportunities to diligently serve you and ministry colleagues. It’s been a pleasure! As we say on a daily basis, we simply adore you. Although your natural beauty is undeniable, your heart is that more irrefutable. You are endowed with a genuine heart of pure gold. Mother, you are the live representation of Agape Love!

Pastor Renee, you possess courage, fortitude and enthusiasm like none other.

You are the “Epitome of Strength”! To endure, survive and overcome with such dignity and tenacity - a precedent has been set forth in the Kingdom. The baton is now in your hands –run with it. You Will Win – if you don’t quit.

Pastor Renee, you are living proof – that “if God be for me; He is more than the world against me.” Pastor Mom, not only are you “Diva-licious”;

But, You Are “More Than A Conqueror”!

In Love & Sincerity,

Pastors Jeremiah & Marguritte Johnson

Cookin’ For The STARS, CEOs

Eternal Son & Daughter

Renee is one of the most resilient, effective and positive leaders I know. I have intimately watched her anchor her family, her congregation and her community in turbulent times. She is a woman that is committed to excellence, creativity and helping those who struggle to move to places of significance in their life. She is a visionary and her impact is yet to be seen!

Anna McCoy

Chief Encouragement Officer

Act Now, Inc.

I started my international company in Nigeria in 2004 and it was not easy. There were so many times I wanted to quit, but Sunday after Sunday I sat and listened to Pastor Renee Hornbuckle speak and she was truly my inspiration always encouraging me not to give up. I can still hear those words, "you will win if you don't quit" and how could I quit when after all she has been though she didn't quit on us. I know it could not have been nothing but God for her to stand and encourage us when I know she needed to be encouraged herself. Her strength gave me and many others the strength to keep going and now I can testify that she has been God-sent to me and many others. Just like she touched my life, I know that there will be so many others lives touched by her great works.

Gerald Walker

Mioyo Holding USA Company


Pastor Renee Hornbuckle is a woman of great strength. Her commitment to God, family and excellence is a shining example for us all. At all times, Pastor Renee has remained the epitome of calm, composure and class as she presses forward and continues to lead the members of Agape into a bright future filled with God's best. Her teachings, materials and events encourage and empower others with the principles of successful living. Any encounter with Pastor Renee will cause your life to be lifted. As a result, she will become an asset in your life as she has become in mine.

Dr. Stacia Pierce

Life Coach, Best-Selling Author and Telelvision Personality

and friend to Pastor Renee Hornbuckle. 

Pastor Renee has served as a mentor/spiritual mother to me for over 7 years now. Her support and spiritual counsel have helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life and in ministry. Even in the midst of her own busy schedule she has always made herself available whenever I needed her. When I think of Pastor Renee the word “resilience” comes to mind. I have watched her walk through fiery trials that would’ve destroyed others yet her faith and strength have allowed her to come out without even smelling like smoke! Thinking of all that she has overcome gives me the strength and inspiration to keep going when the enemy tries to convince me to throw up my hands and quit. She is an awesome example to women who strive to balance their responsibilities in ministry and at home. Who can find a virtuous woman? Her name is Pastor Renee Hornbuckle.

Meikel Cobb

The Move of Gilead

First Lady

My name is Marion Johnson Fowler-Armstrong.

I am the Mother of Renee' Fowler Hornbuckle. It is indeed a pleasure for me to write an endorsement Statement. It is a special privilege for me to be the Mother of such a wonderful person. It is a joy to have her in my life. She has achieved so much in her life and is loved by all her know her. She is a trustworthy, dependable loving daughter and Mother.She enjoys helping others and loves the Lord. Her programs , and writings have helped the church to understand and live better lives.

The Internet Program is great. She explains to listeners how to live and understand how to live a better life. She is a very strong person and wants to help others become stronger.

Love you very much,


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one word I can use to describe my thoughts toward this woman in action! Her commitment to excellence, style, and integrity will speak to any person who experiences her personally, in ministry, or as talk show host. I am encouraged by her compassion for youth and young adults as well as her desire for women to become there personal best in every area of their life! As she continues in the faith, communities will be impacted, regions will be provoked, and nations will be changed. Pastor Renee, you go girl!

Shonna Stallworth

Woman Act Now

Director of Membership

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