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Rachel's House:

A Place to Heal While Things Get Better!

A Transitional Home for Those In Transition

Founded in 2001, Rachel’s House is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to empower women, especially working women faced with life-altering transitions and crisis, so they are able to make positive changes in their lives, actualize their potential and build lives for themselves and their children that are free of stress, violence, addictions and unhealthy relationships. Through the provision of housing, social services, the promotion of systematic change and empowerment programs, such as life-coaching, counseling, training and mentorship, Rachel’s House will work to ensure they are not led into situations of chronic poverty, welfare dependency and homelessness.

Rachel’s House program serves as a model for cutting edge methodologies, helping to guide the evolution of both social policy and service delivery mechanisms in Arlington, TX.


  • To enhance the quality of life of families, while affirming their autonomy and dignity

  • To equip women with the tools and resources necessary to attain improved economic and social well-being

  • To offer a safe haven for women in need of temporary housing, as a result, of separation, divorce, or those endangered by domesticviolence and substance abuse

  • To partner with both individuals and corporate entities that support the mission and objectives of Rachel’s House.

Rachel’s House:

A Place to Heal While Things Get Better

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Destiny Performing Arts Conservatory

Over the past decade, there has been and more of a need to give attention to the issues associated with “at-risk youth” including youth crime, violence, sex, substance abuse, poor academic performance, etc. Research shows that at-risk youth struggle with complex issues and scenarios that are brought on by peers, mentors, family members, and difficult social environments. The increased complexity of today’s at-risk youth has forced parents and federal agencies to work together to find solutions. There has been growing interest in community-based efforts that help to educate and direct at-risk youth and families to a variety of helpful services. We want to do our part in addressing these issues. We strongly feel that we can assist by providing programming that will nurture the spirit of our youth by offering education and development of life skills through the creative process of performing arts. This will enable us to embrace the diversity of our communities and reach out to those under served and at-risk.

The need for this project in the community is to allow artistic expression and personal enhancement to natural gifts and talents of at-risk youth and other interested community members. It would also serve as an outlet for development and post high school opportunities through scholarships, time fulfillment and prevention of gang and crime relations. Many positive benefits, such as healthy esteem promotion would take place instead of frustration of social, family and economic issues that could result in at-risk youth and community members with increase in crime in Arlington, TX and surrounding areas.

Benefits From Destiny Performing Arts Programs

· Self Esteem

· Literacy

· Team Building Skills

· Self Expression

· Communications Skills

· Creative Problem Solving

· Multiculturalism

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