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Sonja Jones said on Aug 11, 2014 1:51 AM

Dr. Renee, I had major neck surgery in June so I have been not able to attend my home church. I have been streaming in on your Sunday services and I have been bless. I have prayed for you and your family for some time now, I have been sharing your teaching with my Pastors in which I hope one day that they can meet you. You are a women that is truly after God's on heart. Their are very few women that I consider virtuous, Elder Cathy which is my mentor, Evang. Cynthia Diggs, My Pastor Johnnie , My Aunties, My Mother and You. I pray that this season that you are in that the Lord will rain down his abundance of blessings and favor that will blow your mind because of you all faithfulness. Your 360 conference was so awesome next year I am making it my personal business to make sure our Declare and Decree Ministries youth will be in attendance. Love you with the joy of Jesus.

Sharene Pero said on Jul 9, 2014 11:11 PM

Hello Renee, I am Minister Sherene Pero, Founder of Kingdom Builders Women's Ministry. Currently, I am a minister at The Potter's House Church of Dallas, under Bishop. T.D. Jakes. For the past four years I have hosted annual women workshops throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in obedience to the Holy Spirit. This Autumn I am hosting a Women's Conference on September 13, 2014. Our theme this year is: "Walk in Your Divine Assignment” I am looking to partner with certain ministries and churches as the Holy Spirit leads. Our goal is to educate women to walk in their divine destiny and to be a blessing to those that have an ear to hear God in this season. My special guest is Wendy Griffith. She is the Co-host for CBN’s The 700 Club. She has published a book entitled "You Are a Prize to Be Won ". She shares her past heartache and experience, defining what real love is, and Bishop T.D. Jakes has endorsed her new book. I want to extend a personal invitation to the women of Covenant Church to join us in this mighty move of God! Please let me know how and where to send the flyer. Thanks! In Christ Minister Sherene Pero Kingdom Builders Women's Ministry 972-371-9782

Freshun McClendon said on Jun 11, 2014 8:13 PM

Hello Pastor Renee! I'ts so encouraging to hear about you read your story and be reminded that I too am MORE than conquerer through Christ. I was married to a Pastor for almost 20 yrs, and sad to say, my marriage ended in 2007. Without giving details, Ill just simply say its been a major struggle because my divorce was very public and humiliating. But GOD has and continues to keep me and strengthen me and my children. My I pray that one day i would get a chance to meet you, but if not your strength encourages me to stand be still and continue to know that GOD IS GOD and that I AM NOT FORGOTTEN. I thank you for you! Freshun McClendon

Lawrence Butler said on May 6, 2014 7:31 PM

I would like to meet to continue the discussion we had this weekend. please contact me (469) 231-1810. -Lawrence Butler

Elder Ruby Woolridge, M.Ed. said on Mar 10, 2014 10:21 PM

I would like to meet with you and learn more about women of influence. During this meeting I would also like to share a newly published book. It is written by Reby Cary and is titled,"Bloodlines, A Dynastical History of Blacks in Ft. Worth and Tarrant County." I hope your schedule will include a few minutes for me.

Chandra Douglas said on Jan 27, 2014 10:09 PM

Good morning, I trust you are all blessed. I am reaching out on behalf of Pastor Felicia Dexter, New Nation Deliverance Temple. Pastor Felicia will be hosting a Hats off to Women event in June and would like to have Pastor Renee be the keynote speaker. It is my understanding that both Pastor Felicia and Pastor Renee have spoken and a date needed to be solidified. Which we have and we are looking at Sat, June 21st. Please contact me at your earliest so we can discuss details. My contact information is below. Chandra Douglas Executive Assistant to Pastors Chris & Felicia Dexter www. 214.988.9292 | Office 214.988.9179 | Fax 469.892.8292 | Cellular | Email Transforming Lives to Glorify God....

Penny Crosson said on Jan 14, 2014 9:53 AM

Dr. Renee It was a pleasure meeting you Sunday night at the womens shelter event. What a blessing to be around so many woman who love beauty, and are using their talents for God's purpose. I had no idea what I was walking into when I came and I was so impressed by the execution of it all. My daughter loved it too! We were truly both blessed. I hope to see you again soon! have a blessed week. Penny Crosson Beauty is . . .inside and out!

cassandra bradford said on Jan 9, 2014 5:47 AM

Hi Pastor Renee. I just found out about your Life Coach Training. I am trying to get more information about your class: dates, times, amount Please let me know 817-741-4044 ext. 704

Sandra Pleasure said on Dec 5, 2013 4:36 AM

I want to purchase your book "Suffering In Silence" but can't seem to find where I can purchase it.

Vanessa G. Mitchell said on Nov 15, 2013 2:11 AM

Dr. Hornbuckle: Congratulations on your book and I am looking forward to reading it as well. I wanted to reach out to you as, I believe that there is a common thread that lie between you, myself and so many other women who love God and have a heart for His people. I am the founder of TNT Ministries (Teaching and Training). I have a love conference every year and February and I am in need of speakers. Long before now, I have wanted to speak with you concerning this years conference. Would you be so kind as to call me at 214-280-2413. I look forward to hearing from you. All the best to you.

Pastor Maria Taylor said on Nov 8, 2013 8:43 PM

Hi Dr. Renee Hornbuckle, I am a new pastor in the Houston, TX area was referred to you by Prophetess Maria Ivery of Focus on Jesus Ministries. I am apart of her prophetic school. In the process of getting a building and wanted to reach out to you. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience at (832) 859-8228.

pastorlilian said on Aug 11, 2013 2:06 PM

Dear Beloved Brethren, Much greetings through the exalted name of our Loving saviour Jesus Christ from kenya. I am very much pleased to tell you that your teachings on your website are a great blessing to me, my family and the young independent christian fellowship that i founded when i got the call of the lord to do so. So, i, my wife , children and some few brethren from the commmunity we are serving the lord under this christian fellowship. The fellowship is of 32 members. I also take care of ten orphans whose parents died. In this i am requesting you to send us more teachings that will enable us, as a small church to grow spritually. As well it is my kind request that you also remember these needy orphans under my care in your daily prayers that God can open them ways for their needs both in physical and spritual growth.As well I kindly invite you to come here in kenya and bless our people with the gospel of our lord jesus.Kenya needs mighty people of God to lead her in to salvation and know the Living God. Please have a kind consideration to extend your kind cooperation for the extension of the Kingdom of God. Also i would be happy if you will accept us to be part of your fellowship. Pass our sincere regards and greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in christ. yours at His service Pastor Lilian

Trina Denise Fournier said on Jul 4, 2013 2:09 AM

Pastor Renee, Thank you for LIFE changing, Empowering book - "The Power of Passion" I had read it last year and you recommended that I go through it again as a refresher; well I have been and its amazing how God is using your words of encouragement and wisdom to bring about a transformation from the "old way of thinking"!!! Applying the word of God really does work, God is faithful to complete that which He had started. Thank you for your labor of love,your wisdom,your patience,your compassionate heart and most of all your heart after God and the Kingdom. I love and appreciate you so much, thank you for all you have done for me personally as my covering Pastor, spiritual mom, mentor/life coach. You have made such a life long impact on me and I am forever grateful!!! I love you so much! Trina

MonaLisa Cash said on Mar 12, 2013 3:00 AM

t was great meeting you Saturday at the conference held at Friendship West. I wanted you to know if you needed any new marketing collateral we are the company for you. To tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do, let me introduce.. We are The Design Factory. We work directly with businesses in all phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including brand creation, print/Web collateral development, lead generation, channel partner cultivation, customer segmentation/profiling as well as CRM(Customer Relationship Marketing) and acquisition strategies. Our expertise is also traditional advertising, print, television, billboards, and also non-traditional advertising. Perhaps more importantly, we offer a history of proven results, as evidence by the following marketing accomplishments: · Captured an expansion in customer base for new and establish businesses, achieved during a period of overall decline in the retail industry. · Leading national marketing campaigns (comprised of trade show, media and PR initiatives) of company’s products and services while expanding exposure to the general public. · Developed and executed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy that will achieved and sustained top rankings on Google and yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for key product search terms. · Create and design new company logo and re-brand products to cement a cohesive corporate identity and support new company direction. · The Design Factory creates a robust solution for Education: Our Lecture Series. Given the opportunity, we are confident in our ability to achieve similar groundbreaking marketing results for your company. You can also visit us on the web at Our staff would welcome the chance to discuss our marketing objectives and ways we can help you attain them. Feel free to call 214-565-7888 to arrange a free consultation to discuss and share our marketing strategies for your company.

Pastor Ernest Mims said on Feb 17, 2013 9:17 AM

Hello Pastor Hornbuckle, I pray your day is blessed. I was just wondering if you would take a look at our homeless food ministry. I thank you in advance for any or all help. God's blessings to you and yours!! Don't let the devil steal your joy away, rebuke him in Jesus name!!! Lord take me out of the equation, let it be about you Lord!! Ernie's House Ernest Mims/ Director Peanut Butter and Jelly Ministry 4321 Martha Lane Fort Worth,Texas 76103 817 655-2394 Non Profit (501 3 C ) Click here: Home Page This came from a good friend of mine Valerie !! So this is your lucky day! Ever wish you could make a charitable donation and know EXACTLY where every dollar of your money was spent? I mean like EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR. Well, I’m about to make that wish come true for you RIGHT NOW A dear friend of mine, Ernest Mims, responded to God’s call last September to “Feed His People”. And so every Sunday afternoon he and his wife Vickie (and a group of friends) make 300 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, put them in a Ziploc bag with chips, a cookie and a bottle of water and hand them out with a blessing to the homeless in Fort Worth. It’s as simple as that. Those 300 individuals get fed physically and spiritually every week by Ernest’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Ministry. I have been blessed 1,000-fold during the weeks that I have participated by either supplying chips or bread or whatever they need to make sure those folks get something to eat. I want you to experience that feeling, too. And if you REALLY want today to be your luckiest day ever you will choose to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon handing out those Ziploc baggies lunches with him. It might seem like a big step outside your comfort zone, but I promise that feeling won’t last long. Could I ask you to stop for a second and click on this link: It won't take you 2 minutes to read about his ministry and less time than that to make a small donation. His cost is $.99 per person, so even a modest contribution will feed lots of people, some of whom are children. How cool is it to know that with a click of your mouse 10, 25, 50, maybe even 100 people will have a meal on you, and will experience the joy of knowing that somebody loves them enough to provide for them. Kind of like God does for us. Every single day. If you decide to take part in what Ernest is doing to feed the homeless, please respond by putting “Today is my lucky day” in the Subject Line and hitting reply. I truly want to know that you will be blessed by God for feeding his homeless people!!! Thanks so much and God Bless You, Val

Ann Lindsey said on Feb 11, 2013 10:59 PM

Hi Renee, I found you on Harrietta's facebook page. Wow you are doing great things. I am searching for info on how to start a center somewhat like your Rachael's Place here in Vineland,NJ Our church has a prime location for a community non profit project. Where do I start. Ann Lindsey

Rev. Mark Kimble said on Feb 6, 2013 12:59 PM

Congratulations to you on your book and I pray that God continues to bless you. I ran across one of your interviews in a magizine I picked up and saw that you were from Little Rock and I wanted to say hello. I am also from Little Rock and it's always good to run across some of my brothers and sisters that are from my hometown. Keep doing what you are doing in the Lord and keep speading the word and helping other sisters that are going through what you talk about. I have a mother, sisters, aunts, cousins, ect.. so I thank God for using you to help other women. May God bless you.

Teresa Dorsey said on Jan 15, 2013 4:53 PM

Hi Pastor I want to catch you up on my son's progress. Since Dec 4th I have not heard my son speak nor open his eyes in a meaningful way But God. When the accident first happen my sister called me and said God yelled at her and said HE'S GOING TO BE FINE. so loud she jumped and plugged her ears. God would not permit me to cry for three weeks because he said I've got this. Day after day no sine of a real life was evident then I thought maybe he will be fine in heaven. that will be ok I thought I will see him again one day, through tears and lost of tissue I told God that will be ok with me. The Dr's had a meeting and said he a developed something so rare they haven't seen it in 10 years. I ask God is that you God so when you heal him you will get the glory. This rare issue comes from trauma and cancer my son and I found out he has Hodgkin lymphoma, Pastor I just found out 3 weeks ago he had cancer when I saw the ex rays his heart has been displaced from the tumor down by his ribs.This is about all I could take. But God. By now prayers are coming in from all over the country my son is so likable and for 10 years he was a strong and young mighty warrior for God, then he got off track. A Pastor wife in Seattle Washington called someone and said God showed them Chris and said he is sending him a Dr.and I will know him when I see him. I figured he must have dreads because my son has dreads down to the middle of his back. Even in the hospital any one passing by says's wow. Pastor last week the Dr's said why don't you put him in hospice care and let him go. WHAT I said you don't have the last say no thank you. Saturday a Dr came in his room and said this is DEVINE INTERVENTION. His on his way back to us Pastor. I got word Sunday God said he is healing him while he sleeps. I got another word from a relative in New Orleans God said the corporate prayer has been heard. God gives me a little nugget every time I can't take any more.I saw the peace of God come over him about 10 days ago. The nurses said wow he does really need his blood pressure med's and his anxiety med's he's so calm. We have a long way to go but this will be one of our miracles. I have to Thank mother Annie for checking on my and Minister V gave me such a woderful word a few weeks ago I heald on to it with all my might. God is working it out Teresa Dorsey Hospitality Team

Cinnamon Oates said on Jan 4, 2013 8:34 AM

Congratulations Dr. Renee. I am looking forward to reading your book. You have always been a person of inspiration to me.

Felicia Sewell said on Jan 4, 2013 1:40 AM

Dr. Hornbuckle. I just received your book and wanted to tell you that so far it is awesome. Can't wait to finish it all. It's very informative, fulfilling and its an eye opener for all that may be coming down the path you've came out of by the Grace of God. It is so good to see and know that God can turn any situation around for our Good but yet for his Glory. Keep doing what you do unto the Lord. I too have written a book that was recently released and hope that you get a chance only if your lead to, to see what God had done in my life because of ignoring warning signs and etc. I pray nothing but the best for you. God Bless you.

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