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Dear Friend,

If you are like me, with the instability of our world as we know it, I am constantly searching for opportunities to secure the future of me, my children and those that are in my sphere of influence. Below are 2 upcoming events and one additional business opportunity that you can start today - that that I thought you might be interested in. Click on the links, take a look at the info, consider attending and see how God gives you strategy. I recently attended one of these types of events and just being in the company of progressive, forward-thinking individuals ignited some of the dreams, giftings, and goals that I had put on the back burner. It caused me to begin to pray, hear from God, and then execute. Some of the things that I have begun to execute (within the past 30 days) can be found by visiting . I am excited about all that is to come...and I pray that you too will be ignited to revisit your dreams!!!

Passionate About EmPOWERment,

Renee Denise Fowler


Opportunities for Everyone

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