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Dr. Renee Passionate about emPOWERment!

Dr. Renee Denise Fowler

President - Women Of Influence Inc. ·

Founding Pastor /Overseer, Arlington, TX

Crisis and Life Coach. · Author · Motivational Speaker · Entrepreneur · 

CREATIVE CONTENT STRATEGIST and HOST OF PROVEN Dr. Renee is the creative mind behind the YouTube Series Dr. Renee Speaks and PROVEN. PROVEN features individuals who are experienced, successful, iconic and unstoppable in their area of expertise. She sits down with her guests to share their journey while encouraging her viewers, they can become “proven too”.

A HEART FOR PEOPLE Dr. Renee is most at home sharing faith-filled, empowering messages as the Senior Pastor of Destiny Pointe Christian Center, a non-denominational multi-cultural center for faith, hope & restoration (a ministry she co-founded in 1988 under another name). She has a genuine desire to see everyone fulfill their God-given potential and live a life of destiny and purpose.

Dr. Renee is one who leads by example and teaches what she knows: how to apply the Word of God to every life situation for hope, guidance, purpose, and success. She has demonstrated incredible strength of character and visionary leadership by guiding the church through a challenging period in its history to its current point of growth and influence in its community. Destiny Pointe’s dynamic worship services and sermons can be streamed at LifeStream.TV.

Dr. Renee is engaged in both the nonprofit and for-profit arenas. Her endeavors include but are not limited to:

·          CEO/Founder, Women of Influence, Inc. She is the founder of Women of Influence Inc., an organization dedicated to the personal and professional development of women worldwide. As Chief emPOWERment Officer of the LIFE EMPOWERMENT INSTITUTE, Renee is dedicated to training men, women, boys and girls by using practical and biblical principles empowering them to live a fulfilled and enriched life.

●        CEO, Destiny Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. - Committed Community Engagement. Founder of Destiny Academy Early Childhood Development Center providing care for ages 0-5, along with before/after school programs, pecializing in year-round programs for “at-risk” youth. Partnering with initiatives and programs that are attacking the “no child hungry” initiative in America by consistently providing 7 meals a day annually. Providing Summer Educational Camps, Year-round Mentoring Programs aimed at empowering the lives of youths with character development and leadership skills. From food programs, to the early childhood development center to the performing arts conservatory and more, DEE is a much-needed answer to prayer and fills voids in the DFW community.  

●            Founder/President, Rachel’s House and Destiny Ranch. For over 15 years serving the community by providing sustainable housing, as well as, life development programming for residents including counseling, career guidance, financial education and practical life skills for those in transition.

Dr. Renee founded Rachel’s House in 2001 to provide a safe place for women who are in transition after a major life crisis such as divorce, job loss, or escaping an abusive relationship. Rachel’s House and Destiny Ranch provide temporary housing, counseling, training and mentorship to ensure the people it helps can ultimately help themselves.

●       Founder/President INSight Development Strategist Consulting and The Phoenix Firm, LLC. Dedicated to serving the varying professional needs of churches, ministries, non-profit organizations, and small businesses through assessments, enhancements, training, and development. Clients walk away from assessments and sessions with clear, compelling and customized plan(s) filled with best practices and practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. Specializing in creating solutions needed for: Leadership, Creating Change, Crisis Management, Church Financing, Business Solutions and MORE... in Your PERSONAL LIFE, Your BUSINESS LIFE and Your MINISTRY LIFE.

She holds a BA in Business Administration (University of Arkansas); Master of Biblical Studies (IFTGW – Minnesota Theological Seminary) and a Doctorate in Religious Philosophy (Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary). She is also a graduate of Dale Carnegie and many other certification programs. 

She has been a former instructor and faculty member for The Potter’s House God’s Leading Ladies Enrichment Program and Panelist for ManTalk hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes. In addition, Renee founded the Women of Influence Personal Development Conference and the Life EmPOWERment Institute.

A polished presenter and noted for her impact on people from all walks of life, Dr. Renee’s media appearances and speaking engagements include Joni (Daystar TV), Good Morning Texas, Celebration, Café Mocha, and The Potter’s Touch. She was a former host on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and has been a speaker at the ESSENCE Festival and been featured in print media such as the Dallas Morning News, Black Enterprise, Women’s Enterprise, and Gospel Today Magazine.

Listed as a Lifetime Member in several exclusive worldwide professional organizations: Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs and the National Association for Professional Women for her contribution to her life work of emPOWERment and entrepreneurship. She has been featured as an Author and Panelist at both the NAACP National Convention and National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) Convention. 

She serves the DFW community as a committed Board Member of numerous organizations that have notable causes. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Whether advising CEOs or speaking at conferences, Renee challenges individuals to open their minds and unlock their full potential.

Dr. Renee is the author of several devotionals, training manuals, and 10 books. Dr. Renee is best known for her memoir, Suffering in Silence.

BOOKS/Prolific Best Selling Personal Development Author

  • The Power of Healthy Esteem – A Guide to Learning To Love Yourself

  • The Power of Passion – Finding and Following The Path To Your Passion

  •  Souled Out – How to Beat the odds with Radical Faith

  •  If It Pleases The King – Comprehensive Training Guide In Hospitality (Secrets To Serving and Entertaining with Excellence Anywhere)

  • Why Do I Always Feel Like I’m Digging My Way Out of a Pit? How to get out of the PITS in life, relationships, business and more…no matter how deep the pit is!

  •  Sustained

  •  Held Captive TOO!

  •  Suffering in Silence (Available in English and Spanish)

  •  The Invitation – (Thomas Nelson) – Women’s Devotional with 49 Women of Influence

To book Dr. Renee, email or follow her on all the popular social media sites.


o Dr. Renee Speaks on YouTube/Optimal Life Network:

o Dr. Renee Speaks Blog -

o PROVEN – on Optimal Life Network

o Women of Influence, Inc.

Although Renee is in great demand as a seminar/conference speaker and bible teacher she believes that family comes first. She takes great pride in raising her 3 children: Matthew, Rachel, and Jordan. Whether Renee is in the secular or the sacred environment, she ministers and presents a challenging word of change in a savvy style uniquely her own. Her desire is to see others on the right path fulfilling their destiny regardless of their background or past mistakes.

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Empowering the World with Unstoppable Impact

Meet Dr. Renee, a visionary force on a mission to create a global impact by empowering individuals from all walks of life. Renowned as an award-winning multi-book published author, she has left an indelible mark on the literary world with her inspiring works published by Thomas Nelson.

A dynamic Dale Carnegie and John Maxwell certified speaker, teacher, and trainer, Renee's magnetic presence lights up any room she enters. Her expertise transcends boundaries, spanning the realms of media, faith, entrepreneurship, and consulting, where she has consistently demonstrated her exceptional abilities.

As a senior pastor, strategist, and consultant, Renee brings a unique perspective, drawing from her diverse experiences in the corporate, non-profit, and faith sectors. Her unparalleled insights and guidance help others gain crystal-clear perspectives in every facet of their lives.

Driven by her passion for leadership and personal development, Renee fearlessly tackles challenges like change, crisis, and performance management, providing unwavering support and executive coaching.

Dr. Renee's accolades extend far beyond her impressive career achievements. Recognized for her exceptional service, she stands as a proud recipient of The Barack Obama President's Lifetime Achievement Award, a testament to her unwavering dedication to making a difference.

In every interaction, Renee imparts practical, powerful wisdom, guiding others to leverage every aspect of life for their advancement. Her relentless pursuit of empowering others knows no bounds, making her a true catalyst for change and a beacon of hope for those seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve their greatest potential.

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